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Bicycle Frame Test Machine (View Larger)

We are excited about our new line of bicycle frame testing machines. The first test machine was completed in 2013. (Watch video.) We expect to build four more test machines in 2014 to complete our bicycle frame testing suite.

In March of 2014 we started an Indiegogo campaign to 'pre-fund' the additional testing machines. Our hope is that the industry will recognize a need for an additional testing facility and spend a potion of their testing budget to pre-purchase a test package and help us get going.

Our goal is to build the following test machines by the end of Summer 2014:

  Machine EN Standard ASTM Standard
1 Frame Fatigue Test with Pedaling Forces (Completed) Yes  
2 Fatigue Test with Horizontal Forces Yes Yes
3 Frame and Fork Assembly Impact Test Yes Yes
4 Vertical Loading Durability Fatigue Test - Yes
5 Frame Measuring Fixture - -